verb. Creating epic stories worthy of sharing over a good cigar for luxury brands, discerning travelers, and collectors of original art.


Storytelling Creates Epic Brands

Luxury brands tell stories that people not only want to hear but want to be a part of.


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The Fine Art of Storytelling

Art can capture one’s eye, but an epic story even a blind man will tell.


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Travel Experiences Worthy of Myths

Anyone can be a tourist, but a traveler is changed by every journey.


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Creative Digital and Traditional Marketing Strategy & Implementation

A hand-rolled cigar aged in wine barrels in Napa Valley, a boutique historic hotel in rural Alabama , and an upscale semi-private club in Atlanta all have one thing in common – a story worthy of being shared. At Art of Mythopoesis, we build epic brands through storytelling that is engaging and focused on results.

Profile_Tiff_cigarFINE ART and a  STORY WORTH TELLING

Original Artwork by Tiffani Hollis

Be a seeker of wisdom. This is tattooed on my wrist. I am a voracious reader and student of history. My current series of work is “Destruction of the Goddess” ties together the back stories of women throughout ancient mythology and folklore to modern day women’s issues.I use these stories to demonstrate our lack of progress and to show how women’s struggles can make them stronger

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