Charcoal on Paper 16"x20"

One story of Artemis (Diana), virgin goddess of the hunt, tells of her friendship with Orion and the jealousy of her twin brother Apollo, god of music and commander of the sun’s chariot. Apollo tricked Artemis into murdering her friend. You can imagine the impact on her which provides some explanation later tales of her vengeance. Read the full story here

The mortal Actaeon found his end as the hunter who became the hunted. He was in the forest hunting stag with his men when he came upon Artemis bathing in a cave with her maiden companions. Upon her seeing her naked he diverted his eyes for her modesty, but he had seen enough for Artemis to take offense. The vengeful goddess cursed Actaeon turning him into a stag then driving his men and his hounds to hunt him for a kill.

This piece and the other “Wrath” pieces are an aside to “Destruction of the Goddess” highlighting some of the victims of the bitter and vengeful goddesses in this series.